Parent Poll: The Bee Cause Project

The mission of the Bee Cause Project is to advocate for honeybees to ensure their survival. Bee Cause provides educational assistance to schools to help students become aware of, understand, and appreciate honeybees. As part of these educational assistance activities, Bee Cause assists schools in implementing observational beehives.

 Bee Cause is a charitable organization and does not receive compensation for its assistance. Bee Cause will donate the Hive as well as the bees to the School. Upon delivery, the Hive and bees are the property of the School.

 At this time, we would like to receive feedback and opinions from our Sawyer Road Parents. If you would simply send us an email indicating:
[  ] Yes, I’m in favor of the Bee Cause Project at Sawyer Road Elementary; or

[  ] No, I’m not in favor of the Bee Cause Project at Sawyer Road Elementary 


If you would like to add any comments, suggestions or concerns, please do so in your email response. Your opinions matter and this is a great way to have a say at SRE.

Please email your response to our School Parent Liaison, Melissa Moore at  

 [Watch the Video our Sawyer Road Students submitted in support of the Bee Cause Project]