IB Learner Profile & Attitude of The Month (AUGUST)

IB Learner Profile LOGO IB Learner Profile & Attitude of The Month (AUGUST) 

Learner Profile of the Month is THINKER. Our IB Coordinator, Jill Baker has met with all of our K-5 students this month to talk about our brains, people around the world, and what the IB Programme means. Click on the highlighted link to see our IB Learner Profile Video of the Month. This video is part of a series we will watch each month called "Be IB!" based on the IB Learner Profiles.


IB Attitude of the Month: CONFIDENCE. A wise person once told me that children are like a bank.  The world makes enough withdrawals, so it is our job to fill them with confidence, so those withdrawals will not hurt as much.  Confidence leads to success!  Get an IB Attitude this month- Confidence!