Annual Title 1 Meeting

title 1 Thursday, August 18th

Annual Title 1 Meeting at 6:45 pm

in the Cafeteria

 Learn about our schools funding sources and programs. 





Every year The School-Parent Compact and SRE Parent Involvement Policy is reviewed and updated based on feedback from parents and teachers. Feedback is very important to us. If you have any suggestions regarding the documents below, please provide us with your comments by downloading the Feedback Form and send it to school or email the school parent liaison at

Copies will also be available at the sign-in table during the Annual Title 1 Meeting on August 18. Ms. Moore will be available if you have any questions or suggestions.

[pdf File] 2015-2016 School Parent Compact

[pdf File] 2015-2016 Parent Involvement Policy

[pdf File] SRE Parent Feedback Form