Did you know?

Did you know?

Parent participation is strongly encouraged and welcomed on many fronts at Lockheed. Our PTA is a very active group at Lockheed, providing our parents a wonderful way to get involved with the community. Our PTA is committed to developing strong partnerships among families, businesses, and community groups that will help us accomplish our goals.

You are important to Lockheed Elementary. Your presence and involvement in your student’s development and education are critical factors to high school success and student achievement.  When parents are actively engaged in their student's education, students benefit with:

                          *  Higher grades and test scores  

                          *  Better attitudes and behavior

                          *  Better school attendance          

                          *  More completed homework assignments

                          *  Greater likelihood of graduating from high school

If you'd like to get involved with the PTA, please contact one of our PTA Board Members at PTA.Lockheed@yahoo.com