WSSN Crew for 2016-2017

We are rocking and rolling with our improved morning broadcast.   The students have done a great job getting acclimated to the new equipment. Based on the application process, these are the students who will be a part of WSSN for 2016-2017.  Students with a star beside their name will need to reapply in the spring.  They can come to the Media Center on March 1st to get a new appliction. 

Elizabeth Matthews                                               Jack Bourgeois

Kayla Henry                                                         Camilla Weigle

Sofia Mendez                                                        Liv Teverino

Gracyn Blalock                                                      Alex Dunn

Charlotte Bullington                                              Lizzy Kelley

Mary Jane Mayfield                                               Mae Bullington

Ellie Smith                                                            Annie Elliott

Gracie Granger                                                     Addi Morelli

Joseph Moseley                                                     Frances Storey

Lauren Poston                                                       Ella Carmona          

Priscilla Horton                                                      Andy Watters

Elijah Estabrook                                                    Eleanor Rand Lines

Ella Gardenhire                                                      Saia Wilson

Sarah Bradbury                                                      Alyssa Ramirez

Gus Lloyd                                                               Emma Scott

*Kharmen Philemon                                               *Avery Graus

*David Mosgovoy                                                  *Jake Krawczyk

*Anna Marie Krans                                                *Lily Konigsmark

*William Bennett                                                   *Nadia Parker

*Xavier Virgil