Accelerated Reading (AR) Program

Our students use a software program called Renaissance Place at school. We participate in the Accelerated Reader Program, which is designed to encourage students to read at the appropriate level. Books that are too easy do not encourage growth; books that are too difficult can cause frustration. The most productive level is in between: books that are pleasurable, but also challenging.

The way the program works is your child will select a book from the classroom or the media center. They'll read it and then take a short quiz on the computer about the book. The software tracks and records the books they've read and the points they've earned. The Accelerated Reader portion of Renaissance Home Connect gives parents and students a snapshot of the student’s AR progress, including average percent correct in quizzes, number of points earned, and book level. Parents and students can also see all the books that have been read. Clicking a book shows details about it such as book level, word count, points, and more.

Login Information

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Students:

  • Username: Student ID# (ex. 12345)
  • Password: Student

3rd-8th Grade Students:

  • Username: Student ID# (ex. 12345)
  • Password: S+Student ID# (ex. S12345)