Compass Learning/Edgenuity

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Compass Learning/Edgenuity is a website for children to learn and practice reading, writing, math, science, and much more. Every time your child completes a stage or lesson it is counted on your progress. Your progress shows what lessons and quizzes you have done.

There has been a recent change in how we access one of our district programs, Compass Learning/Odyssey/Edgenuity. Below you find directions on how your child can log into the system from home to practice various content. Students can log in to Clever on its website or from the Aspen homepage.

Log-In Instructions

Each student will have a Clever Dashboard with the programs they can access from Clever. When they click on an icon a new tab will open and log into that program.

  • Username: Student's 5-digit ID number
    • Example:
  • Password: Child's birthdate (mmddyyyy)
    • Example: 01012001

Compass Learning/Edgenuity Login Instructions